Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Update on Apple Dumplings

See, no difference between these dumplings in the pan.
Ok, look closer.
The baked result revealed what was put in though !

I have made these before and I have posted the recipe for them previously, but what is new is the fact that I attempted at combining the apples wrapped in crescent rolls dough with apples wrapped in puff pastry. You know, just to see what happens and if there is a problem combing these 2 doughs in the same baking pan. More or less, the pairing worked fine. I think at this point the pictures speak for themselves. The big chubby ones have crescent rolls dough and the tiny ones.....which under normal circumstances would be considered of normal size....have puff pastry dough.
If you never used puff pastry dough to make apple dumplings, do this: thaw the dough, spread it on your work surface, cut it in 4 squares, then every square in 2 triangles. And you'll get 8 pieces of dough....therefore eight triangles ready to roll.
So will I put 2 kinds of dough in the same pan again ? Sure, why not ?