Saturday, July 25, 2009

Dear Judith...

I am really sorry I have not posted much of anything lately. I have had so much going on and I haven't been having the right disposition either to blog. But I am back !
I wish I could make a triffle and devour it as I type, but oh,.....I cannot do that. Luckly I have lost a few pounds without too much of an effort and I think I risk of gaining the pound back.... Oh well, it's kinds fun to work against the POUNDS after all... LOL
Tonight I baked a bit and the result is called Kinder Pingui is a replica of a chocolate blowbie type of cake with milk / whipped cream filling. It was a great hassle, but the result was well worth the effort.
I will post the recipe soon, along with more pictures.
Thanks Judith, it feels good to know I am missed.


  1. Finally!!!! I'm glad you are back! :)
    Somehow I had the feeling, you're gonna come up with a series of posts! And I was right! :)

    I love that tutorial thing for the collage, I can't do one either, so thanks a lot for it.

    And that cast iron Dutch oven is awesome! Where can I get one? Is it very expensive? I saw only pans without the lid...

    Once again, I'm glad you are back and waiting for new recipes! Btw, that caramel-pudding- looking-like thing looks so delicious!
    Thanks for this post! Have a wonderful day!

  2. You know....collages aren't really THAT important in one's life, but for sure it never hurts to know too much of anything.
    I really wanted to have a dutch oven and did not want to spend 90-150 dollars on an enamel one, which is why I turned my attention towards the cast iron one.
    We got it at the mall, at JC Penny if I remember correctly and it cost only $29. Beats the price of the enamel ones any day !