Saturday, July 25, 2009

Shrimp Pasta

I will start by saying I am not a big fan of shrimp.
In fact, I only cook shrimp for Jeff, my lovely husband.
How do I know it tastes just right you may ask....well...I can eat one or two just to taste the dish, then put them only in his plate.
He loves it every time !
One time we were at the grocery store and we were trying to pick what bag of shrimp to choose and we finally decided to get the cooked shrimp.
It looked prettier.
The raw dark grey and slimy ones....not so much.
Why choose one over the other when probably both are as depends on what you like and how you intend to cook or eat them.
It seems that shrimp cocktail is very popular and if you want to have that, then the already cooked and then frozen variety is just right for you.
On the other hand, if you plan on cooking the shrimp in a batter or is a sauce or if you want to make, let's say...shrimp pizza or calzones...then go for the raw one/ones.
Even though people tend to overcook the shrimp and make it rubbery, I am sure that can be managed.
I know I cooked the already cooked shrimp and it was NOT rubbery.
So here it is what I personally chose to do with my sea food.

*1 package of Knorr pasta sides
* 10 frozen or thawed shrimp
* For the Marinara sauce:
Ingredients for the sauce:
1 can of tomatoes or 2 fresh tomatoes
1/2 onion
2 garlic cloves
2 TBSP oil
1/2 carrot
2 pieces of celery if you have

I prepared the contents of a Knorr pasta package according to the instructions they offer ....the one you can easily fix using your microwave, plated it, then added the Shrimp.
Now here's the hard part:
- place the ingredients for marinara sauce in your food processor or blender and mix
- pour the sauce in a medium size skillet and keep it on medium-high heat and when it comes to a simmer place, place the frozen or thawed shrimp in
- simmer for 5 minutes, turning the shrimp every 30 seconds.
It's easy and it's tasty.

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