Sunday, July 26, 2009

Saturday Morning Breakfast

Breakfast. On Saturday. Soooooooooo yummy !

I fry the eggs in 2 TBSP canola oil, on both sides.
The hash browns are new potatoes (yukon gold), fried in a different non stick skillet, with 4 TBSP canola oil, flipped after 5 or so minutes with a wide spatula.
I used a tight fitting lid because I wanted the tops of the potatoes to cook with the steam created inside.
And I used kosher salt which I sprinkled over the potatoes to draw the liquid out of them.
Yes, that's what they say - that salt, kosher especially, does to legumes, vegetables and other things you cook salted.
Draws the liquid out.
The sausage links are the fully cooked frozen kind which you heat in the microwave.
The shredded cheese is mozarella.

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