Wednesday, July 29, 2009

How to PIT Cherries

Most of the cherries are these days pitted (like the ones in the cans of cherry filling or like the frozen ones you buy in those cute plastic bags), but there are times when we need to do that ourselves. My mom always used a cherry pitter, but I do not have one (yet).
So since today I decided to use the fresh cherries I had on hand to make a fresh cherry pie, I obviously had to remove the pits. While doing that, I thought of how somebody once wrote they do not know how to do it.
So here it is:
- wash the cherries and remove the stems and let them drain in a colander
- put disposable gloves on your hands to protect the manicure (why not ?)
- grab a small, sharp knife and 3 bowls : in one you will need to put the cut through cherries, in the second half of the cherries and in the other you will need to put the pits
- place the colander next to you and one by one, cut them from one end to the other and twist, just as if you had to cut and pit an avocado, and when twisting you will notice that 1 half of your fruit has the pit in it and the other doesn't
- place the clean half in the 2nd bowl and now you have 2 options: to either use the tip of the knife to scoop the pit or to use the knife to cut the fruit again in 2 and then use the tips of your fingers to remove the pit
- I do not think it is hard to do, you just need to try it
- Have fun !

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