Thursday, July 2, 2009

Happy 25th Birthday to ME !

Yes, today is my birthday.
No cake this year...for some reason I didn't feel like baking a cake. Maybe it's because there aren't enough people to eat it ?
I will be having some fun though, even cakeless. LOL
Zoo tomorrow !
Movie tonight !


  1. Happy Birthday Catalina!
    You are sooooo young! :) Hope you'll have lots of fun celebrating!
    Have a wonderful and successful year and many-many Happy Birthdays!
    love, Judy

  2. You are so sweet...thank you so much !
    We went to see a movie (The Proposal) and it was awesome ! We had such a laugh !

  3. The Proposal was awesome ! Go see it ! You will be laughing so hard !

  4. I'm glad you enjoyed your Day! We might go to see the movie, though my husband enjoys more renting and watching home. Still, I'll try to convince him, thanks! :)...

  5. my dear catalina(i love this name!),happy birthday and a beutiful life!you have a very nice blog,congratulations!

  6. Thanks ! Come back again anytime !