Monday, July 27, 2009

How Can You Not Love ROSEANNE ?

Here it is Roseanne's personal website :

I have loved her from the first Roseanne episode I saw, which has been 3 years ago, if I remember well.
I still love her even if she seems mean and she so often emasculates the males she interacts with.
I watch her on channel 127, Oxygen whenever they broadcast it.
Probably one day I will buy the entire 9 seasons, that is if Jeff will agree, as he does not like her. It's ok, I love her !
I don't really care how she is in her real life, what's important to me is how she is in her show.
That also goes for other TV shows characters.
I wish I knew why Becky left the show though.
Oh, cool, it seems Yahoo answers DO have the answer for just about anything. LOL
So, do you like Roseanne ?

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  1. Oh don't get me started on why I can not love her...Never liked the show, I couldn't stand Rosanne. Don't like her at all. I loved John Goodman's part and seeing him in other roles with out her.