Sunday, July 26, 2009

Ice Cream I Have Eaten Lately

So creamy, so sweet and so special.
So $ 1.79 + tax !
The milk chocolate that covers the smooth filling is melt in your mouth awesome !
But it's all worth it for a Snickers ice cream bar !
Have you seen that commercial where the student is in the principal's office and it all revoloves around this magical ice cream bar ?
That's actually what made me go buy it and try it !
If you can believe the degree of how persuasive a silly commercial can be !

How about this one that has a commercial in which a guy is rubbing his mother in law's feet for a bite of the ice cream ?

We live somewhat out of the city limits and since I don't drive (don't have a driver's license), I cannot go get ice cream at the big store any time I feel like it, like I used to do before I moved here where I live now.
One could probably buy a big batch of ice cream when buying the other groceries on the monthly visit to the grocery store, but.......since it is now so hot (over the 100 F limit), it may melt on the way home.
Here in the country the closest place where one could get ice cream is at the gas station - convenience store.
I need to walk on a distance others would gladly drive, but I do not mind walking !
So anyway, here it's what I got.
The Snickers ice cream is the most delicious stuff I have ever tasted.
It's got to be since I do not recall tasting any other variety that I would like more.
YUM !!
I have got to say that the TV commercials are really having some sort of an effect on me, since I am really trying stuff they advertise for !
And yes, I did post about making YOUR OWN HOMEMADE STYLE ice cream, and I know it is much more healthful to do so, BUT, there are certain things you cannot replicate at home.
You must agree with that.
It's so sad....

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