Saturday, July 25, 2009

LODGE Cast Iron Dutch Oven

Oh boy, I am posting so much again all in one night.
It just seems that once you start typing, things come up in your mind...or my mind in this case. Since I am so good at curing / seasoning my Lodge cast iron skillet, I thought that buying a cast iron dutch oven wouldn't be a bad idea, given the possibility to choose another type of dutch oven.
I really wanted a dutch oven to be able to bake that famous no knead bread and hubby has gotten me one for my birthday.
Boy, do I LOVE my birthday !
Other than for baking bread, this type of pan is also good for a wide variety of foods, and I have tried many....already....the latest being mushroom risotto. Cooked in the oven, but started on the stove.
Love the perfect fitting lid !
For who doesn't know how to season a cast iron pan of any kind, HERE it is how.

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