Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Spaghetti with Thick Chicken Sauce

As I mentioned in the previous post, you can use the chicken breast patties to make this thick, chunky

and delicious sauce to top off your spaghetti.
Make sure you use good spaghetti, preferably whole wheat and thin

spaghetti if possible.

spaghetti enough for how many people are sitting at your table (I used a handful)
1 cup tomato sauce
6 to 8 chicken breast patties, chopped roughly or crumbled

Combine the tomato sauce and the chopped chicken breast patties in a medium size saucepan, bring to a boil and let simmer for 10 minutes, so the flavors can mingle.
For 2 people, you only need a handful of spaghetti, which would be like the diameter of a walnut.
Boil them according to your package,

then rinse and plate.

Top off with as much sauce as you like.

Enjoy !


  1. I am seeing so many wonderful healthy recipes. Someone trying to tell me something???

    Adding this to my Turkey leftover file, as well as chicken. It looks wonderful

  2. Hehehe, I don't think I usualy have unhealthy recipes....maybe every once in a while I'll splurge on a pie , but that's all. This one is not only easy and good for you, but it's also very tasty too.