Friday, November 13, 2009

I'm Back from the Chicago Trip !!

Sorry I did not give a notice about my leave, but I was hoping I could post something while away.
Unfortunately I was too busy, but the trip did not take too long and there fore I am back !
I had to take a nursing exam and even though it was really hard, I am hopeful I did good. We shall see in 6 to 10 weeks.
Anyhow, we stayed at the Double Tree Hotel, which is near the Magnificent Mile and by the Michigan Lake. Just amazing, considering the height and size of those buildings.

Here's the Michigan Lake shore.

It's a beautiful city, but I could not live there. It's a bit suffocating for me.
I did get to go to Trader Joe's (Yea !!) and got some wild rice (has a black color) which I cannot wait to cook.
Also, I had my very first piece of original deep dish Chicago Style pizza at Gino's !!!

I will share a few pictures with you, so you can get an idea of how nice everything was.
Glad to be back !

The view of the lake Michigan from our hotel room.

Here is a piece of the intersection we could see from our hotel window.

This is are pictures taken while on the bridge over Chicago River.

Me next to the statues by the Chicago Tribune Newspaper building.

And here is the Chicago Tribune Newspaper building.

Here is the Chicago Public Library.

Heavy traffic !

Here is me holding the morning paper. We also went to the Hard Rock Cafe and we got matching clothes. It was cold in Chicago !

More out of the window view.


  1. E colosal si desi am avut o camera semi-profesionala, tot a fost greu sa surprindem totul. E impozant si impresionant !
    Si foarte scump !

  2. Hi Cat... Welcome back... Were' hungry! Hahaha.. Just kiddin.
    Your photos are great and I especially love the night time photo of the city! What settings did you use and I imagine you did use a tripod? Have a fabulous week end!
    ~Really Rainey~

  3. My husband is the one that knows everything about the camera settings. It is a Nikon (D-SLR) and we did not carry the tripod with us while out walking about, but he rested his elbows on the edge of the bridge I believe, so he could minimize any shaking.
    I am hungry too ! Hahaha

  4. Bine ai revenit, Catalina!
    Fabulos Chicago, cred ca e un sentiment coplesitor sa te afli acolo, mai ales daca nu esti obisnuit cu marile metropole...
    Pare foarte placuta si calda atmosfera la Gino's, cel putin asa imi sugereaza mie fotografia! Imi place mult interiorul!
    Si astept sa vad ce faci bun cu orezul salbatic :)
    Pana atunci weekend fain si spor la bucatarit! Pupici!

  5. Multumesc Raluca !
    Ma gandeam sa prepar un fel de risotto in seara asta cu friptura de vita, dar nu va fi nimic extraordinar. Sper sa fie si bun la gust avand in vedere ca 400 gr au costat 5 dolari si ceva.
    Scump dom'le scump, dincolo era mai ieftin !

  6. Just read this post... I've been away for a few days myself.
    First of all I wish you good luck with the exam, hope you'll get some good news in a few weeks!
    Chicago is really nice, I like it too. It was the first city I saw when coming first to the US, visiting my relatives there. You say it's too crowded, well, NY is even more suffocating. Sometimes I wish we were living somewhere else...
    You might come and visit sometime, if so, let me know, we could meet! :)

  7. Let me tell you, when I got there, I instantly thought of you and realized that you must be living in a city just as crowded if not more crowded. And yes, I would love to meet!

  8. Cat,
    I am glad that you and Jeff made it back safely. I am sure you did great on your exam. Your cooking puts me to shame. Frozen food is my speciality. Looking forward to Thanksgiving and I love your website.
    Hai Kolker