Wednesday, August 19, 2009

How to Plate Like a Pro

HERE is where how I actually found how to do this - plate like a pro !
Take a peek and learn from the professionals !

Clock it: The conventional "smiley face" (starch at ten o'clock, meat at two o'clock, and vegetables at six o'clock) is always a safe bet.

Focus, focus: For more drama, "find the focal point" of the meal (usually the protein) and elevate it by placing it on or leaning it up against the starch.

Get saucy: Spoon sauce under the meat rather than on top. This allows the meat's crust to stay crisp while also offering a contrasting circular shape beneath.


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  4. great tip....but only one problem...very restricted in its usage....doesn't apply to all kingds of meals....& especially not to the healthiest of all proteins...