Thursday, September 10, 2009

Marzipan Palmiers

Due to the fact that I never made those before, I ended up with hearts instead of palmiers.
But they were so tasty, that the shape did not really matter.
However, there was a problem with the marzipan which seemed to just gather in the middle instead of neatly stay in between the layers of puff pastry.
I found this picture somewhere on the internet, so I am posting it so you can all see how you're supposed to do it and not do the same thing I did.

I got the recipe from the website of the company that produces the marzipan, Odense.

Here is my marzipan ground together with the sugar to form sand consistency marzipan.

Here is how I laid the pastry in the tray as they said to leave plenty of space in between them.

And here they are pretty, baked.

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