Friday, September 11, 2009

Did You Know ?

I recently watched a show called "American Eats"- and the episode was described as "The pizza industry is versatile and has a strong heritage". It was pretty interesting and here are a few things I remember from the show.

"The god of gourmet pizza is LaDou" they say, as he changed the Neapolitan classic pizza style from they simple delicious dish to the fully loaded and with pick your own choice of toppings style of pizza. (Is there such a thing as GOD of Pizza ???????????)
"If you have it in your kitchen, chances are it will end up on the pizza". They meant anything other than tomato sauce, fresh mozzarella and sliced tomatoes (olive oil, garlic).
"Pizza is sort of like an adopted child". (Americans adopted the Italian child - "Pizza")

Domino's was the first company to invent the heat insulated cardboard box and they also afterward came up with the heated bag - only then to set the goal for 30 minutes as maximum time for you to have a pizza at your door. All with the help of a lady not involved in the pizza industry, but just a passionate scientist.
But, as many of you may know, a pizza delivery car drove on red light, hit a pedestrian and Domino's had to give up on the 30 minutes promise, all in a press conference.
However, apparently, people still have this belief that they will get a hot pizza at home in approx. 30 min from the moment they pick up the phone to place an order.
Not valid anymore people !
And DiGiorno was the first company to come up with the frozen pizza that actually tasted good (as opposed to soggy and mushy defrosted pizza crust) and could also RISE in your oven. Which meant they did not use yeast, but baking powder and baking soda in their pizza crust....interesting, isn't it ?

On the next show they had on, "Modern Marvels" they spoke about a few other things.
Snickers was invented in 1930 and presently their products are sold in over 100 countries.
Potato chips are not made from Idaho potatoes, contrary to he popular belief; however they are white potatoes.
Frito Lay is the largest potato chips producer in the US.
Round shaped potatoes are grown especially for making chips out of them, with low moisture content as high moisture makes for a mushy potato chip.
In 1853 in Saratoga, NY a Mr. Crum was a chef at a restaurant and apparently one of his customers complained that his potatoes were too thick, so he went back to his kitchen ....cut some potatoes paper thin...baked them crisp and the the customer was delighted !
Now 42 hundred pounds potato chips are being fried / hour.
4 lb potatoes will make 1 lb chips
20 chips = 110 calories
The peels are sold and used for animal feed.
Even though they use 4 types of pat to fry the potato chips, cotton seed oil is the most commonly used. Salt is added after frying and bags are flushed with nitrogen so that the products have a longer shelf life by 5 weeks.
Snyder's of Hanover was the first company in the US to make pretzels, which used to manufacture the soft variety. Harry V. Warehime was the founder and at the beginning they used to handle 100 lb/hour whereas now they tackle over 2000 lb/hour.
20 mini pretzels = 110 calories

There are 17 different Tootsie Roll flavors. Really ? I only saw ONE.
6 tootsies = 140 calories

It takes 317 licks till you finish a lollipop. Ok, so ?

Denmark eats 30 lb/person of candy every year.

1 cupcake = 220 calories
A retired milkman in Indiana has eaten a Twinkie every day of his life and he reached now 22000 Twinkies eaten so far. Geez.


  1. Those are really interesting facts! Hubby was reading over my shoulder and asked me to email it to him (he had to leave so he couldn't keep reading). I love learning random facts about food history!

  2. A Twinkie every day and Denmark? Now that's nice and healthy.