Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Let's talk Calories

* I dedicate the contents of this post to Year on the Grill (Dave - I suspect might be his name ?) who hasdone a good job so far and should really be proud for the achievements (I assume he will understand what I am talking about).

Actually I started to write about something else in this blog post, but I decided to change the the subject along the way, so I said to myself....why not talk a little bit about calories ?

As they say...1 TBSP of cooking oil has 90 calories, while 1 TBSP butter has 100 calories and 1 TBSP olive oil has 120 cal....which doesn't sound so bad...does it ?!?
How about finding out that 1 cup canola oil (regular cooking oil) has 1900 cal ?
So keep that in mind when you add them to your cooking.

Which makes me think of other staple items cooks and bakers often use (let's check them out):
1 cup all purpose white flour - 450 cal
1 cup whole wheat flour - 400 cal
1 cup rice - 200 cal
1 cup pasta - 180 cal
1 cup white sugar - 770 cal
1 cup brown sugar - 830 cal (God help me !)
1 cup honey - 1000 cal (yes, one thousand)
1 cup whole milk - 150 cal
1 cup soy milk - 90 cal
1 cup yogurt (regular) - 180 cal
1 cup yogurt (low fat) - 140 cal
1 cup orange juice - 100 cal

1 slice of bread - 70 cal (good news, cause I love bread !)
1 egg (uncooked) - 75 cal
1 fried egg - 95 cal
1 boiled egg - 75 cal
1 tomato - 25 cal
1 apple - 80 cal
1 banana - 110 cal
100 gr almonds - 600 cal
1 slice apple pie - 400 cal
1 spear asparagus - 4 cal (yes, four)
1 lb asparagus - 90 cal
1 avocado - 320 cal

Tortillas Size Calories
Corn tortilla 4.5" 32
Corn tortilla 6" 70
Flour tortilla 7" 90
Flour tortilla 8" 110
Fried flour tortilla 8" 205
Flour tortilla 10" 215
Fried flour tortilla 10" 320
Wheat tortilla 10" 170

Do you have a headache yet ?
If so, I am sorry.

*** I should probably write more, but it is really depressing. Sorry.


  1. why thanks so much for the shoutout...

    I spent a very long time counting calories and adding up points. I just think I am going to try eating a little better fresher quality food, moving a little bit more and see what happens. It was a surprise to me, and looking forward to what happens next.

    Thanks again

  2. Thanks for this post! I usually don't count calories, but this is like a wake-up call for me! I should be more aware of what we eat...

  3. Yes, it is sad when you actually put it down on paper and you start adding all the calories that go inside a cake or inside cookies...or even an innocent loaf of bread...
    However, I do not think my cooking is THAT bad, considering I try to make small portions and use as much fresh ingredients as I can.
    The less processed food, the better.
    Now if only I could stop using butter...