Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Did You Know about This Website ?

While browsing the other day looking for something, I came across this website:
that really has nothing to do with Food Network Channel, but really in effect has A LOT to do with the chefs.
Go glimpse and let me know what is your opinion on it.
While overall is funny, some things said I have found them to be rather on the mean side.
Go try it out !

*Look for Paula Deen's 10 Commandments

* Ina Garten's 10 Commandments

* these 2 are just some examples...


  1. Dear Catalina,
    Thank you for the invitation, that is so sweet of you! I checked out the site today more thoroughly and I really like it very much!
    So I'm up for the challenge, but probably starting from next month :) Unfortunately today and tomorrow I'll be too busy to enroll.
    As I read, you need to send in the link and photo by the end of the month. Does it count as a registration or do you have to register previously?
    Sounds real fun, thank you very much again, I'm really honored!

    I read your question there about the tarts, I think tarts should be accepted as I saw few tarts made in the previous months. Good luck and see you there as well!

  2. I think that simply by sending in your pie and link to it counts as a registration.
    The pie for September has been the vacation one, but the pie for October is the masquerade one.
    So we have a whole month ...as they want the link sent by the end of October.
    Which basically means you have 30 more days to do it !

  3. I think this site is cruel. While funny, it is not to my taste. Too uncomfortable.

  4. I agree, that's why I posted it here so you can all see and tell me what you think of it. Maybe the limit of "funny" has been pushed a bit too far.