Thursday, September 17, 2009

Cake Leveler

Even though I am not baking cakes often, I need to have the right gadgets on hand for when I do, and I really needed a cake leveler.
It is the perfect tool for anyone that has to slice horizontally and stack pieces of cake and anything similar.
Also, got a set of pans (2) of aluminum as they are the perfect heat conductor, even though at times they may yield cakes with a little bit of a crunchier crust.
You want a moister crust for your cake, use a heavy bottomed and sided pan/sheet/skillet.
Love them !


  1. A pretty cake is an outstanding thing. My wife just finished a cake decorating class, so we are ankle deep in all these tools. But the end products are well worth it

  2. Just had a minute to browse your blog and I love it! I can't wait to see what you do next.

  3. I agree - a well executed cake is always worth the time and effort and also buying all the tools necessary.
    Melody - thanks ! I will try to post every day, but sometimes I can't. I have a few things waiting for me to post about them, and I am not sure yet what I will be posting about. Well see !
    Love your blog too !

  4. I don't make too many cakes either, still it would be great to buy such a thing. What a great idea!
    Did you buy it online?

  5. Hi Judith ! I got it from Michael's. I have the link for it here on the page, on the right side, under fav stores.