Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Dinner Request from My Husband

I do not usually ask him (my husband) what he wants for dinner as I know his preferences, but one night I sort of ran out of ideas (if such a thing is even possible with so many cookbooks and stuff on the internet) so I was hoping he would put in a request for something he would like me to make.
I was thinking he would ask for Mexican, but no.
He said: "I would like some grilled chicken, a baked potato and.....do we have corn?".
Me: "Yes, we do. The small ones.".
And he continued: "Ok then...a small baked potato and 1 corn cob".
So that's how I got to make this dinner.
Looks yummy in my opinion and it was easy to make.
The chicken was marinated for 30 minutes in hamburger seasoning, oil and some lemon juice, all placed in a ziplock bag and left in the fridge, and occasionally turned.
After that, I grilled it for 5 minutes in my George Foreman Grill.
The corn was steamed for 25 minutes, then seasoned with salt, pepper and sprayed with some butter substitute.
The potatoes were scrubbed well, poked with a knife to let the steam escape, wrapped in aluminum foil and baked at 425 for 50 minutes.
Then after baking I cut a cross inside them and topped with cheese, salt and pepper.


  1. You are lucky to have an easy dinner request. Love the simplicity of this meal and I am sure it's yummy!

  2. oh yes, he is so nice regarding that aspect. although - I do like the challenging recipes and the ones that involve multiple steps !

  3. I love that this dinner is classic. It looks so good!