Friday, May 15, 2009

Smash Me Potatoes

Remember what you taste when you bite into a soft pretzel that has a nice browned crust and lots of kosher salt sprinkled on top....and of course, poppy seeds ?
Well, I needed to reproduce that specific taste in a different dish, therefor here is what I cooked:
2 medium size pink potatoes that I boiled then smashed and baked.
The secret trick is to sprinkle kosher salt and pepper and drizzle just enough olive oil to make them taste delicious.
Of course, you will need to also oil the pan before placing the potato in.
I baked them at 435 for 25 minutes.
They will come out somewhat baked and the flavor will be just to die for.
Now use them as a side or eat them as they are.
You could also sprinkle cheese on top.
Delicious !

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