Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Gum Paste.....or should I call it Play Dough ?

Sometimes you feel confident trying a new thing....just like I felt about gum paste.
Here we go:
1 teaspoon honey
powder milk as much as you need to make a hard, but still pliable dough.
So I did that, but something just did not go well. Beats me what.
I placed a teaspoon of honey into a ceramic bowl and started adding powder milk, a little at a time.
I swear I just could not make it stiff. It's like it would just melt in my hands.
While the freezer trick works for hardening the rose I made, you cannot rely on it if you want to decorate a cake for example.
The food coloring I used is a paste and some green sugar sprinkles.
Here are some pictures, but I will have to return with a post about the new and improved recipe.

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