Sunday, May 10, 2009


My own creation, it is so easy to cook that you will fall in love with it and make it every time you have the chance.
2 to 4 medium size tortillas
shredded cheese
sausage or pepperoni or chopped grilled meat
caramelized onion (1/2 onion to 1 whole)
olives, optional
fresh or roasted bell peppers

Place a non stick skillet on medium high heat and spray little oil.
Place the filling/toppings on half of the tortilla, fold the empty half over, press slightly and repeat with the other tortillas.
Place 2 tortillas at a time in the pan, place a tight fitting lid over the skillet and cook for 1 minute, then remove the lid and press with a spatula.
Check every now and then the bottom and when it looked a little golden-brown, flip.
Cook as necessary and transfer to a plate.
Cut in 3 and savor !

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