Friday, October 23, 2009

Sharing My Fall with You

Isn't nature just gorgeous in Fall ?
Please click on the pictures to see them in real size.

Wood for the fireplace...

The tree down the street...

This leaf looked like a pear.... (you think ?)

This plant reminds me of Christmas...

Lonely acorn...

The tree that grown "beans"... !!

My morning leaves harvest...

Pink !!!

The beautiful dark red and dark pink leaves fell on the ground...

A neighbor's flowers...

Lonely orange the rain

The lawn is no longer bright green...but covered in leaves

Halloween !!!

Come in please !

The sky at 6 am (yes, I was up THAT early)

Pink sky !

The sky had such a beautiful color that it also shed pink light over the hydrant...

The lake looks as if on fire...

Fired up sky !

I hope your fall is as beautiful !


  1. Oana - sper ca e la fel de frumos si la tine.

  2. these are beautiful shots... Today is THE day for fall colors here. My wife and I walked the neighborhood, photographing the best stuff. Yours looks amazing, great post

  3. Beautiful, beautiful pictures! Thanks for sharing!