Friday, October 9, 2009

Grand Marnier and Kahlua

Since the first time I ever saw Ina Garten - Barefoot Contessa I knew I had to go buy my own bottle of Grand Marnier which is really good orange liqueur.
It ended up costing $11.08 plus tax for a 200 ml bottle and it says it has a 40% alcohol volume.
Imported from Paris, France it is triple orange yummyness.
I got 2 really small bottles as I do not think I will get anything liqueured up THAT much !
No, I am NOT drinking it, it is solely for cooking purposes.
And yes, I do use it in moderation.

The other spirit I had to have was Kahlua, this special really rich and concentrated coffee liqueur that tiramisu recipes sometimes call for. Smells heavenly and I am sure that 1 teaspoon added to your coffee cup would bring it to a whole different level.
This really small 200 ml bottle has a 20% alcohol volume, it cost $7.15 plus tax and it says it has been produced in Mexico.

So far I have not used them in cooking, but I sure plan to !


  1. Kahlua is terrific to cook with that after taste really shines.... Good luck with this

  2. I find Grand Marnier amazing :D Chocolate + orange liqueur is one of my favourite combinations :)