Friday, October 2, 2009

Help !! Bake Sale coming up !

Dear friends - I need your help regarding some ideas for a bake sale.
I am not organizing it, I am just contributing to it and I would like to bake at least 2 different things.
I was thinking about some pecan pie, lime pie and maybe baklava.
I've never done anything like that before, so all the expertise is welcome !
Thank you for dropping by and giving me your ideas !


  1. I am no help with what to make. But, I can tell you what I like to buy at bake sales...

    The flashy looks too good to be true food, I generally avoid. There's a saying among cattle people, "all hat no cattle" that fits into many things in life. The flashy desserts usually do not taste as good as they look.

    But, fancy breads or lots of ingredient cookies (like a baklava) usually taste better than they look, and much better than store bought. I am a sucker for the great looking breads. SOmething I know I can't do. I am cheap, and that's how I find value at the charity sales.

    But that's just me

  2. I really appreciate that. People at church tasted some of my pies so far and some of them asked for seconds (!) at a lawyers' luncheon some time ago and I did what I could to make them look really good and appealing. I understand what you're telling me and I will try not to make them look too flashy.
    Thank you !