Monday, October 12, 2009

Pie Slice Soap ?!?

Yes, that's what I discovered today while browsing and I am pretty sure one of these days I will get one pie slice soap to test it out (probably cherry pie).

HERE is the website that sells these tantalizing soaps, which I'm sure smell as good as I think they do and most certainly bubble you up too !
The pie slices come in 69 scrumptious different 'flavors' : Pecan, Hot Apple, Peach, Chocolate Mint, Strawberry Glaze, etc.

They seem to have a "Sweet treat collection" under which they file these sweet treats....and HERE is the link for the gallery. Please do remember that these are SOAPS and keep that in mind while salivating over the mouthwatering pictures.
Have fun !

Peanut Butter Cup Pie Soap !


  1. Hello Catalina, merci pentru info cu gutuile! hahaha,,,vad ca ai schimbat si poza, sper ca nu ai facut-o special pentru mine...)XO

  2. they look good enough to eat,,, would make a great hostess gift during party season coming up

  3. Buna Nina - sper sa iti foloseasca informatia. Poza am schimbat-o 50% pt tine si 50% pt faptul ca Halloween e aproape.
    A Year on the Grill - they sure do look good enough to eat, that was what prompted me to show them to you all.
    I want a slice right now !