Saturday, October 24, 2009

Fresh Figs at Whole Foods

Because I was running out of quinces, my husband and I passed by Whole Foods again today and while picking mu fruit up - I saw that they had fresh figs.
Those of you who know what I am taking about will recognize the fact that fresh figs are mainly grown in California and really not transported to other states due to the high degree of perishability.
I noticed that they had 2 varieties - black figs and Turkish figs, both smelling heavenly honey-like.
It has to be, by far, my favorite store ever, as Whole Foods has SO MUCH to offer !
I also got some Israeli couscous and guess what ! After looking back and forth at many many stores, this was the place to have hazelnuts. YEA !
I do not think they need me to advertise for them, but please go there if you haven't !
It's awesome !
They also seem to be offering information on figs - check it out. HERE.


  1. I love Whole Foods. I actually just got back from it today and bought some kiwi-berries, which I tried for the first time and will now call them one of my favorite fruits. They just offer a lot of really fresh and organice produce and foods. It's great!

  2. They also had yellow carrots, yellow cauliflower, yellow raspberries, dried raspberries, andives, chanterelle mushrooms and ohh sooooo much more stuff you just cannot find in the regular grocery stores.

  3. Thanks for the info! I will check out this Whole Food businnes!

  4. Anytime Judith. Glad to be of help !