Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Fall is Here

For a long, long time I used to love summer. Now...not so much as it is so hot all the time, but I do LOVE fall. It's not just the temperature, it's also the joy of the holidays coming up.

Especially when the trees change color and when the leaves lay nicely on the ground forming a multicolored carpet.
I picked up some acorns from a tree that grows behind our house and they looked so pretty - although I think the squirrels knocked them and not the fall itself. I have them on the fireplace now, just sitting there, cause they are cute.

And because the acorns were feeling lonely, the bee came down to play with them.

We still have some wild strawberries growing in the lot next to us and if you didn't know better you'd almost want to bend to pick them up and pop them into your mouth - that's how good they look !

My garlic is growing nicely....

Oh, and I'm growing some beans now. Just for fun.

And I am seeing a few critters invading the flowers' space...
I do not know what this fuzzy one is !

And I like the green one....grass hopper ? Maybe not...

The badger or the armadillo is still digging holes. See ?

And here are my plants that I love so much.

Cute little rose bud...


  1. everything looked VERY pretty til you got to the holes in the yard... AAAARRRRRGGGGGHHHHH

    I have moles, and it is not pretty

  2. Yes, it's a pain. We set traps for those animals, but hardly ever we catch any.

  3. Nice pictures of your flowers and property. The black fuzzy insect is a Wooly Bear. I am pretty sure the green grasshopper creature is a katydid. I kinda doubt you have a badger. Perhaps its a mole; they are common and make those kinds of holes. Actually, you can eat those wild strawberries although they are not as sweet and big as regular strawberries.

  4. Gerry - they spray the grass with so many substances and these strawberries grow where lawn is supposed to grow and they also get mowed.
    So I'd be a little bit scared at the thought of eating them.
    Thanks for stopping by !