Saturday, June 20, 2009

Won ton wraps

I have had a curiosity about these wraps for a while, but not anymore.
They very much resemble the pasta dough you can make at home, and they also resemble the phyllo dough you buy frozen at the store.
They are okay, but not something I would say it is amazing.
Anyway, you can wrap them around pieces of mozzarella and fry them to make tiny appetizers, or you can just fry them cut into triangles to make chips to snack on.
You can probably also make won ton dumplings and steam them.
One thing that is crucial and which not many people know about, is that you need to make a glue from either flour and water or better yet, corn starch and water, to seal the edges.
Otherwise the wrap would open up and you would just get a mess.
I have a few pics here.

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