Saturday, June 20, 2009

Now Cherry and Cinnamon Rolls

While I did not cook these in the same day (same recipe though), I thought I would post them in a sequence so that you can see the difference easier.
Half the recipe had a can of cherry pie filling thickened with 2 teaspoons of starch and microwaved for about 5 minutes, with pauses for stirring - and the other half had just butter, cinnamon and sugar as filling.
I know Jeff likes the cinnamon a lot.
So I had 1 sheet full of cinnamon rolls, and he had his.


  1. Have you tried using real Cinnamon in your recipe.Real Cinnamon is coumarin safe

  2. Yes, mine have real cinnamon, but why do you ask ? Is there a cinnamon substitute?

  3. Look Pat, I have found this, and I had no idea they sell substitutions. Outrageous !