Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Pie Contest Winner

I am delighted to tell the world that I have been declared the winner thanks to my Flower Apple Tart that I entered in the contest for the month of October at You Want Pies With That ?
Here's what the contest hosts said: "MASQUERADE PIE WINNER: Congratulations to Catalina at Having Fun in the Kitchen! You will be the hostess for January's theme."

I have already thought of a nice theme for a light pie...since we are all so stuffed after the holidays...I guess.

For those of you who would like to participate in the contest....here is what this new theme is about :

"December's Theme! Hosted by June at Sweet Therapie

I'm betting that December is a hectic month in many of YWPWT kitchens,
so I've tried to offer lots of freedom with this one.

The challenge: Create a pie with true holiday spirit - literally.
Whether it be mulled wine, eggnog, bucks fizz or advocaat snowballs...
even office party punch will do! Whatever your country or creed,
whatever your celebrated customs might be, pick a 'poison' for your
pie that brings the holiday season to life for you.

And for any virtuous teetotallers out there (you have my admiration),
feel free to reinterpret this one as you like using any ingredients,
flavours or decorations that bring the holiday spirit out in you. For
example, you might deck your pie with boughs of holly, spice it up
with a gingerbread crust, or whip up a creamy vigin eggnog tart.

Have fun and remember - drink/bake responsibly.
Happy Holidays!



  1. HEY... I made this for my Turducken dinner last month, and never got around to posting about it. Congrats on the award. it really is terrific. Now that It is an award winner, i need to get the post done and give you the honors you are due!!!

  2. Felicitari, Cat ! :) Ma bucur pentru tine.
    Tarta ta merita sa castige. :)

  3. David - thanks so much ! I am really happy that you liked it.

    Narnia - multumesc frumos. Abia astept sa vad cum se vor descurca gospidinele cu tema pe care o voi propune eu.

  4. Cat! I knew it!!! It couldn't've been anyone else considering your pie! Congrats again!!! :)

  5. Felicitari, Catalina, tarta aia cu mere arata intr-un mare fel si merita sa castige ;) Pup!