Saturday, December 12, 2009

Bacon Wrapped Tilapia with Polenta and Roasted Beet

The words that best describe this dinner are "fulfilling" and "flavorful" and you really do not need too many ingredients either.
You basically cook the polenta, roast and shred the beet and then season it and other than that all you need to do is season he fish, wrap it in bacon and fry it.
Voila !

For Polenta, look HERE.

For Roasted Beet look HERE.

Ingredients for the bacon fish:
1 strip of bacon
1 fillet of Tilapia

1 TBSP oil
2 dashes of hamburger seasoning


Thaw the fish

and season it with the hamburger seasoning on both sides, then wrap it in bacon (or wrap in bacon first and then season).

In the meantime stir the polenta if you are serving any with your fish.

Fry it on medium heat for 2 to 4 minutes on each side

or until the fish looks done and the bacon begins to crisp a bit.
Plate your polenta....

...and then spoon some on your plate, add the fish and the roasted beet if you're having any.

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  1. anything wrapped in bacon is always good!

    a great way to make those inexpensive fish filets work