Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas !

I want to say thank you to all of you who have wished me happy holidays and all the other wonderful things and I want to say to all of you who come visit me and all of you who know me a Very Merry Christmas and may all your wishes come true !
Hope Santa came last night and gave you exactly what you wished for - that is, IF you have been GOOD.
Here in Oklahoma where my husband and I live there is ever hardly any snow, but somehow last year we got snow, followed a lot of sleet, hale and then very much ice.
And this year, on Christmas eve, right before we were getting ready to go to church it began to pour with frozen droplets of rain, followed by actual snow flakes (YES, REAL SNOW FLAKES !!) - and I like to think it is because I was wishing for snow for Christmas.
Here are a few pictures of last night. Having snow is so exciting, not only because I miss it, but because this is a town where hardly ever snows !
(I won't talk about the turnpikes being closed or roads that you can't drive on.)

The snow piled up by the storm door, at the main entrance.

The car almost white, even though it is supposed to be shielded by the carport. Look how nice it's snowing !!

Ice (probably due to the fact that the temperature fell to 19 degrees F) !

I believe those are my steps in the snow.


  1. Un cadou minunat de Craciun din partea cerului ! Cu siguranta ai fost foarte cuminte anul asta. :)Si la noi nig foarte rar, anul asta a nins totusi, dar cu cateva zile inainte de Carciun. In orice caz, ne-am bucurat la fel si am profitat sa mai adaug ceva decoratiuni prin casa si sa ascult colinde cat a nins, stiind ca nu se va mai intampal curand.

    Te imbratisez cu drag si iti doresc un Craciun minunat !

  2. Merry Christmas to you and yours...

    And the season's best

    We got 6 inches last night also