Sunday, December 6, 2009

Pecan Potato Gratin

It's only fair to give credit for a recipe where credit is due. Due to my lack of free time I gave up watching the Food Network shows long time ago, but it just so happens that right before Thanksgiving I saw this show called "Dear FN" and naturally, had to sit down for 30 mins and see what it was about. Turns out it was hosted by Giada and it had bits and pieces from many chefs regarding the Thanksgiving menu. So while watching the show, they had this recipe on at and it looked so good !
So I just had to try it (I did replace the walnuts with pecans and I ground my sage into a fine powder).
HERE is the link to the recipe for who want to cook it.

The cream and chopped toasted pecans.

The lightly greased baking dish.

Close-up of the cut potatoes.

Now I start the layering.


  1. Interesting combination! Must try that sometime! I love anything potato!
    Really Rainey

  2. They look great and I think it works wonders with a nice grilled chicken