Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Best Frozen Pizza. Ever.

Just because it is placed on the freezer isle of your supermarket, that does not mean that the frozen pizza should receive disrespect, on the contrary - I believe I have found the best one out there and you need to go try it.

Well, IF you can find it .... depending on where you live.

Watch and enjoy...

Some of the pictures have been taken with the DSLR Nikon D90 Camera and a close-up lens ...the macro lens, while the rest of the pictures have been taken with the Kodak Camera.

Click on the pictures so you can see the finer details you would otherwise miss by not clicking .

Have you ever had this pizza before ?
And now that you cannot wait to try it, go check their website HERE.


  1. Hello Cat!

    Hope everything is alright with you! I miss you, again! :)
    Come back soon!

  2. Looks very promising! I hope I can find this in our local supermarket..

  3. Catalina,iti urez Paste Fericit alaturi de cei dragi!!!
    Hristos a Inviat!!!