Thursday, August 5, 2010

What is your Favorite Food ?

Thinking of my favorite food along the time, I came to realize that my taste has changed considerably in a 10 years span and it got me thinking...what is my favorite food at THIS MOMENT ?
I would have to say it is oven roasted garlic meatballs with creamy fluffy mashed potatoes and a side of roasted red bell peppers dipped in a vinegrette.
Too bad I do not have a picture of it as I would have loved to post it here to show you.
And so, this brings me to the most important part of this post of today:
You might have dessert as favorite and not necessarily a savory dish like mine, but nonetheless I would love to know what you LOVE eating THE MOST.

I cannot wait to get your feedback on this !!

Also - what is the food you would never ever eat ?
I'll have to say mine is squid.


  1. Grapes, I guess...

    I also really like pears, peaches and watermelons.

  2. I do love dessert, I love vanilla/fruit dessert. Love a rustic type of dessert. My favorite savory food of the moment is....cheese

  3. Triple chocolate cheesecake... YUM!
    My non dessert favorite food is probably Alfredo (preferably with mushrooms.)