Tuesday, August 17, 2010

My Friend's Wedding on July 4th 2010 (Ana & Alin Iacobovici)

Recently my husband and I went to Europe for a number of reasons among which was my friend's wedding.
Since I got back I did not have a chance to show you the wedding pictures, so here they are, along with some explanations here and there.

She opted for a different, shorter type of dress, no veil and it suited her personality wonderfully.
Hope you will enjoy the pictures and let me know what you thought of the dress and any other things you might spot.
The day before the wedding my friend wanted me to come over and try on her dress so she would have an idea how it looks when worn, and here I am !
No, I'm not really going to stab her....just fooling around. No worries !

Yes, here I am, wearing her dress:

This is at the church, right after the ceremony ended.
Unfortunately, it started to rain just as everyone was  coming out from the church...

The next stop was the reception location where we partied until 6 am !!!
Look at the lovely bridal set !

Here is the "one of a kind" or "one of each" trio:

Look at those feathers !

Yes, my brown rose had its own feathers as well....

Here you can see my sister, my husband and I:

My sister and her boyfriend, the bride's brother and I:

The happiest couple of them all:

The cake was absolutely delicious - a tiramisu cake.

I'd like to know how you liked these.
Enjoy !!
 Oh, these last two uploads are from the bachelorette party which also lasted until 6 am !


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