Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Passionate about Passion Fruit

I know most of us are willing to try exotic flavors, especially in syrups, as a chocolate filling or in a drink of some sort or even in ice cream, but how many of you would really eat that fresh fruit?
Some time ago I spotted passion fruits, all shriveled in a basket at Whole Foods and at a $3 + price tag (tax included) per piece, I thought I would give it a thought before purchasing it and possibly discarding it.
After weighing in the scientific evidence, I decided to pick one up, slice it and look inside and possibly even taste it and if I like it then even go on to start looking up for recipes to use it in.

 This particular passion fruit is called a purple passion fruit which is ripe only when the skin starts to wrinkle, such as in my case.
Compared to a large Granny Smith apple, the passion fruit is about 1/3 its size or slightly larger than an extra large egg.

It's easy to cut into and it's juicy, tangy and extremely fragrant.

You will notice that there are some black seeds inside and they add some crunch to your salads or you can strain the pulp to retain the seeds and have just the pure juice to work with.
One fruit yields as much pulp as the volume occupied by one egg - you know....the yolk and the white together...slightly under 1/4 cup.

I have put mine in a plastic container in the fridge for the moment and I am thinking maybe I will either make some drink or vinaigrette for a salad or even some syrup for dessert.
There are even recipes for curds out there.
Have you tried it ?

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  1. Very cool, I have yet to use them in any of my cookind